Transcultural Nursing Society

Hello members, and Happy Holidays!

After a great conference in Richmond, Virginia, and a little rest from the excitement, I look back to see what we accomplished during our three days together. Of course, the city and hotel, the conference events, and fellowship are memorable. But, what did you take home from the conference if you attended?

At the conference, bright first-time attendees were sitting among those who attend year after year. The future of transcultural nursing rests in those new faces as these members rest upon the work of scholars and members who work to promote transcultural nursing.

If you attend any TCNS conference, you know there is something different about this group of professionals. What is it that makes the society members so special? I know that we all have our individual purposes and drives, but we come together somehow to accomplish the mission and goals of the society. In spite of what is on our plate with positions or scholarship, during the conference, members seem to rest a moment to explore the future and the needs of the people.

Our world is not kind sometimes. Political infighting, wars, hunger, and other dismal issues face people every day. The media mainly reports negative news. If it were not for the hope of a better world, people might give up. However, this society, the Transcultural Nursing Society, focuses on providing a better way. The goals of the organization are to advance cultural competence, scholarship, and strategies for advocating social change for culturally competent care. This is a worthy society with a noble mission and philosophy.

As I look out across the membership of TCNS at the conferences, I do not see differences as much as I see similarities in the members. Although differences do exist, and the society has members from many cultures and countries, the goals are the same; we truly wish to make the world a better place. Now, I’m often chastised for saying this, but to me, this means being open and kind. Love might not be a theoretical word, but to me, it is the theoretical underpinning of openness and kindness. If we love ourselves first and examine our values, this love can then spill over and be shared with the world.

I would like to hear from you. Your thoughts mean a great deal to me in my role as president and as a member of TCNS.

Best wishes to you,

Jennie Gunn