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November 2-5, 2022
The 48th Annual Conference Transcultural Nursing Society Louisville, KY
Conference Theme: Transformative Culture Care


• Demonstrate the intersectionality of culture to address the social determinants of health and illness.
• Identify collaborative partnerships in the delivery of healthcare.
• Address issues related to diversity, inclusion, and equality in the provision of healthcare.

The Transcultural Nursing Society International, is pleased to invite you to sponsor the 48th Annual Conference and meeting. This is an exciting opportunity to get to know culturally diverse communities and explore the Louisville, KY area. The theme is Transformative Culture Care.  Now, more than ever, are transcultural nurses called upon to provide direction in the midst of the global pandemic. Record numbers are displaced due to war, climate change, food insecurity, and political unrest. The limitations of the global healthcare system have become apparent and never before has the influence    social determinants of health been viewed as a priority. Transcultural nurses cannot address and resolve these challenges alone. It is imperative that we partner and collaborate transnationally and transdisciplinary to assure safe and effective culturally competent care in these challenging times. Like the mythological phoenix rising from the ashes nurses have emerged from the recent catastrophes stronger, smarter and more powerful. The COVID pandemic, rapidly accelerating climate change, and civil unrest has led to global healthcare challenges. The public has becomes acutely aware of the day to day sacrifice nurses make to preserve the health of their communities.  Emerging illnesses and issues related to climate change have created an awareness of the vulnerability and interconnectedness of all living beings on this planet.  The 48th TCNS conference will explore these challenges and identify strategies to address them. Nurses and healthcare professionals will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue, learning and discovery. To make this event the best we can offer, we need your support. We are seeking donations and sponsorships from educational, health care, and community organizations who are committed to culturally competent, congruent healthcare for all people!   Please consider a commitment to this vital mission that improves health for all people.