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    To read the first chapter for free, clink on http://thepoint.lww.com/book/show/597900#
  • Josepha Campinha-Bacote, PhD, APRN, BC, CNS, CTN, FAAN:
    Campinha-Bacote Model of Cultural Competence:  http://www.transculturalcare.net/
  • Joyce Newman Giger and Ruth Elaine Davidhiza:  The Giger and Davidhizar Transcultural Assessment:  Joyce Newman Giger and Ruth Elaine Davidhizar (Adapted in Table 2-2 on the SAMSHA's National Mental Health and Information Center Website, "Developing Cultural Competence in Diaster Mental Health Programs: Guiding Principles and Recommendations." A complete description of the model can be found in Transcultural Nursing: Assessment and Intervention:  https://www.amazon.com/Transcultural-Nursing-Assessment-Intervention-7e/dp/0323399924
  • Marianne R. Jeffreys - TCNS scholar and NE Chapter President - New book release -- "Teaching Cultural Competence in Nursing and Health Care: Inquiry, Action, and Innovation", 3rd Edition (2016), New York: Springer Publishing.  Based on proven research, this textbook is a unique “how-to” for nursing faculty called upon to educate students, nurses, and other health care providers on how to provide optimal care for culturally diverse populations. http://www.springerpub.com/teaching-cultural-competence-in-nursing-and-health-care-third-edition.html
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  • Larry D. Purnell, PhD, RN, FAAN:  Transcultural Health Care : A Culturally Competent Approach 4th Edition
    Uses the Purnell twelve-step model to organize the discussion of each cultural group, looking at the following factors:  Inhabited localities, topography, and overview; Communications; Family roles and organization; Workforce issues; Biocultural ecology; High-risk behaviors; Nutrition; Pregnancy and childbearing practices; Death rituals; Spirituality; Health-care practices; Health-care practitioners. Includes multiple vignettes in each culture-based chapter clearly illustrating situations and issues across the nursing continuum. Provides expanded focus on evidence-based practice. Featues knowledge and understanding questions. - See more at: http://www.fadavis.com/product/transcultural-health-care-competent-purnell#/collapseTwo
  • Guide to Culturally Competent Health Care 3rd Edition:  Discusses the Purnell Model’s 12 domains of Culturally Competent Care and examines how they apply to all ethnic groups.   Highlights specific instructions, guidelines, tips, warnings, intervention strategies, and pproaches. - See more at: https://www.fadavis.com/product/nursing-community-public-health-culturally-competent-health-care-purnell-3#/collapseThree
  • Dr. Marilyn Ray:Transcultural Caring Dynamics in Nursing and Health Care: 2nd Edition; Philadelphia: F. A. Davis Company. Download Flyer Here!
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  • Dr. Rachel E. Spector:  Eighth edition of Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness. The text continues to promote an awareness of the dimensions and complexities involved in caring for people from diverse cultural backgrounds and examines the differences in the HEALTH - the balance of the person, both within one’s being, physical, mental, and spiritual—and in the outside world—natural, communal, and metaphysical - beliefs and practices existing within North America. Features include – a student resource page that is an online study guide that further enriches learning as it features chapter objectives and outlines, a glossary, provocative exercises, activities, and readings that faciltate climbing the steps to Cultural Competency; and the Cultural Care Museum with the book’s grey tone illustrations in color. There is also a faculty teaching manual, power points and test bank available. Website: http://www.prenhall.com/spector/
  • The Core Curriculum for Transcultural Nursing and Health Care (2010) by Douglas & Pacquiao can now be ordered on amazon.com. 420 pages. References available on web with purchase of book.