2022 Criteria for Candidates Running for Office

  • Candidates nominated to run for office are expected to have been actively involved in and a member of the Society for at least three consecutive years. Have an educational and experiential background in transcultural nursing and be committed to the purposes of the Corporation. Candidates may not serve on two boards or chair a committee (unless part of their position description or as assigned by the Board of Trustees) and serve on the Board of Trustees in an elected position within TCNS at the same time.   Eligibility to serve on the Board of Trustees or the Nominations Committee will be confirmed through the Transcultural Nursing Society Central Office before the candidate's information is reviewed by the nominations committee.  Candidates interested in running for office need to submit a current CV and a statement reflecting their experience and desire to run for office.   If the Nominations Committee confirms the candidate, the ballot statement will be provided to the membership for an online vote in July 2022If interested in running for any of the positions below, please email your CV and ballot statement to Lisa Dobson, Executive Director of Operations:  ldobson@tcns.org, by the nominations deadline of May 15, 2022

Board of Trustee Offices Open for Election in 2022:

  • Member-at-Large - 2 Year Term: (January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2024)

Duties include assisting with chapter formation, meeting with Chapter Representatives and Regional Liaisons, and working with the central office to represent Chapters' activities to the Board of Trustees. In addition, the Member-at-Large chairs the membership Committee and By-Law Committees when needed.

  • Elected Positions Not Serving on the Board of Trustees: 

Nomination Committee (1 Open Position): 2 Year Term (January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2024) One member will be elected to the nominations committee and serve a two-year term. The elected member will become Chair of the Committee for 2024. Only members in good standing as described shall be on the Nominations Committee. Prior consent of the nominees will be obtained before nominations are made for the committee.