The Leininger Transcultural Nursing Award was established in 1983 to recognize outstanding and creative leaders in transcultural nursing. This prestigious award continues as the Leininger Transcultural Nursing Award under the auspices of the Transcultural Nursing Society in Madeleine Leininger’s honor.

The presentation of the award will be made at the Transcultural Nursing Society Annual Conference. The awardee is expected to be present to receive the award and to give a response. The awardee will also provide a 250-word statement of the meaningfulness of the award as it relates to his or her work in transcultural nursing. All national and international leaders in transcultural nursing are encouraged to apply.


Awardees of the Leininger Transcultural Nursing Award will provide evidence of the following:

  1. Outstanding contributions in two selected areas of transcultural nursing expertise, for example, teaching, published research, theory development, clinical community practice, administration (academic or service), or in transcultural nursing consultation.
  2. Creative and unique leadership to advance transcultural nursing knowledge and support culturally competent care practices.
  3. Local, regional, national, and/or global leadership efforts that encourage recognition and value of transcultural nursing publicly and professionally in order to improve people care among diverse and similar cultures.
  4. Active leadership and two years of continuous membership in the Transcultural Nursing Society that promotes the mission and goals of the Society.


  • The applicant may either be nominated by another person or self-nominated.
  • Each applicant is to submit to the Transcultural Nursing Society Central Office the following:
    • Documentation for declared two areas of expertise (see Criterion 1), showing supportive evidence for each area of outstanding leadership.
    • Submission of at least two letters of support from nursing colleagues (preferably from transcultural nurses), who can attest to the nominee’s leadership contributions related to the criteria.
    • Evidence of being an active member of the Transcultural Nursing Society with a history of membership for at least two continuous years.
    • Submission of any other documents the applicant feels is important to substantiate leadership activities related to the criteria, such as leadership for transcultural workshops; initiating transcultural nursing research projects, courses, or programs; presenting papers at transcultural nursing or other nursing conferences; establishing clinical field experiences; providing transcultural nursing consultation; publishing transcultural nursing articles that facilitate public awareness of transcultural nursing, and/or supporting transcultural interdisciplinary endeavors.

Applicants for the award must submit all documents online through the following link by July 15 - of the current year. 


Click HERE To Download the Dr. Madeleine M. Leininger Award Information!


Leininger Award Recipients

Margaret Andrews
Joyceen Boyle
Charlotte Carneiro
Teresa Cooper
Lydia Ann DeSantis
Marty Douglas
Joanne T. Ehrmin-1995
Jody Glittenberg
Jeanne Hoffer
Beverly Horn
Ann Hubbert
Debra Iverson-2008
Marianne Jeffreys
Genevieve Kinney*
Cheryl Leuning-2012
Patti Ludwig-Beymer
Marilyn McFarland

DeAnne K. Hilfinger Messias-2017
Sandra J. Mixer-2013
Akram Omeri-1998
Dula Pacquiao
Joan Uhl Pierce*
Grayce Roessler*
Krishna Rahej
Marilyn (Dee) Ray
Mildred Roberson
William E. Rosa-2019
Priscilla L. Sagar-2016
Rachel E. Spector
John Vanderlaan
Anna Frances Wenger*
Dr. Hiba B. Wehbe-Alamah-2015
Rick Zoucha