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Privacy Policy
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Terms of Use for Transcultural Nursing Society (TCNS) Name and Logo

I. Policy

  •  The name “Transcultural Nursing Society” and the TCNS logo are copyrighted and are the private and exclusive property of the TCNS and their use is exclusively controlled and regulated by the TCNS.
  • Permission to use the TCNS name and logo must be authorized by the TCNS and must only be used for the time and purpose stipulated.
  •  The use of the TCNS name and logo by a Chapter of the TCNS may include adding the chapters/alliances name.

II. Procedure

  • Use of name and logo
    • Approved uses include
      • Official Stationary, notepaper, envelopes
      • printed materials – journal, newsletter, books, programs, membership materials
      • banners, podium covers, posters, jewelry
      • promotional/sales items – bookmarks, paper weights, book bags/totes, mugs, pens, plaques, shirts
    • Design standards for the name and logo
      • The design should:
        • Be appropriate to enhance The Transcultural Nursing Society.
        • Be consistent with the scholarly purposes of the organization, nurses, and nursing scholarship.
        • Visual attributes such as color, contrast, and readability, organization and simplicity are to be considered.
        • Alteration of the logo is prohibited. Use of world logo and Leininger quote may be used separate with prior approval.
        • The only acceptable alteration of the name is TCNS.
    • Approval
      • Requests are submitted in writing and are to be accompanied by a picture/drawing/description of the item/use of the name and/or logo. The request shall specify the length of  time for use of the name and/or logo, marketing plan and purpose, and other pertinent details of who will be using the name and/or logo.
      • Requests will be reviewed and a written response will be sent within 30 days of receipt of the request. If there is a question concerning the appropriateness of the request it will be sent to the TCNS Board of Trustees.
      • The request form to use the name and/or logo of the Transcultural Nursing Society must be mailed or email along with all appropriate documentation to:

Transcultural Nursing Society
37637 Five Mile Rd., #319
Livonia, MI  48154-1543
Emailed to:

Click Here to Download the Use of Logo Form
For Questions Call: Toll Free: (888)432-5470