Reflections from Beth Lincoln, MSN, RN, NP, CTN-A

Like waves coming to shore, TCNS is dependable, reliable and unrelenting. Similarly, we can be strong and fierce (when we really want to make a point) as well as mild and gentle (when we are quiet and attentive).  We predictably “come to shore” to spread the all-important message that culture and care are synonymous with quality health outcomes. At times, it may seem that our colleagues aren’t listening or comprehending the importance of cultural competent care. Perhaps we need to create a tsunami like message that will grab their attention. Or maybe, we just need to reach out to other health organizations with an offer to speak at their annual conventions about the essence of cultural competence, cultural humility, and yes, the impact of implicit bias on both patients and colleagues. In addition we can invite them to collaborate with us on common ground issues.  Together we can ensure the needs of the most vulnerable are heard with the result being improved patient outcomes.

As we move into 2019, we encourage you to bring your energy and creativity to the table to accomplish the goals of our Strategic Plan. One goal is to develop an on-line Transcultural Nursing course. This is an opportunity to collaborate with other Transcultural Nursing organizations around the world – Japan, Denmark, UK, Colombia, Australia. Working together we establish ourselves as “experts” ready to provide seminars/conferences/consultations with other health professionals.

Together we are voice and action, and like the waves in an ocean, we are stronger and purposeful. Thank you for considering being part of this process by sharing your expertise and time.