The 48th Annual Conference Transcultural Nursing Society Louisville, KY

Theme: Transformative Culture Care

Phoenix Rising: Like the mythological creature rising from the ashes nurses have emerged from the recent catastrophes stronger, smarter and more powerful.
The COVID pandemic, rapidly accelerating climate change, and civil unrest have led to glob-al healthcare challenges. The public has becomes acutely aware of the day to day sacrifice nurses make to preserve the health of their communities.  Emerging illnesses and issues related to climate change have created an awareness of the vulnerability and interconnectedness of all living beings on this planet.  The 48th TCNS conference will explore these challenges and identify strategies to address them.


• Demonstrate the intersectionality of culture to address the social determinants of health and illness.
• Identify collaborative partnerships in the delivery of healthcare.
• Address issues related to diversity, inclusion, and equality in the provision of healthcare.

Information for consideration:

  • TCNS accepts non-research symposium presentations, evidence-based practice presentations and research presentations.
  • TCNS encourages and accepts submissions from multiple healthcare disciplines.
  • TCNS encourages and accepts both qualitative and quantitative research submissions.
  • TCNS encourages diversity of submission topics.
  • TCNS encourages and accepts submission from students, clinical practice, research, administration and education.
  • TCNS encourages diversity of theories and theorists, frameworks, and models.
  • Poster Presentations will be done in a virtual format, including an in-person overview on one assigned day.
  • All presenters must register for the conference and attend in-person unless specifically assigned a virtual presentation.
  • Presenters must register to attend the conference by September 15, 2022 or they will be removed from the program.   Registration fees are non-refundable after this date.

Abstract Submission Information:

  1. Abstracts must address the conference theme and objectives.
  2. Abstracts must be blinded.
  3. Abstracts must be submitted through the secure on-line system.
  4. Abstract must be limited to 300-500 words. References included in the body of the abstract only. No reference list should be included.
  5. Research and Quality Improvement(QI) Project presentations are required to have undergone an IRB review
  6. Research and other presentations of indigenous populations must have approval from the council/governing body of the indigenous communities. If it is research, then IRB approval from the author's institution is also required.
  7. Only submissions with completed research will be accepted for podium presentations.  That is, if a submission to any category includes results of an investigation, only completed research will be accepted for a podium presentation.  On the other hand, if the presentation falls within a category other than research, and does not include research, then there is no such requirement.
  8. Research based presentation should use the introduction, methods, results, and discussion (IMRAD) structure.
  9. Posters may include pilot projects, ongoing research, preliminary analyses, literature reviews or other non-research projects.
  10. Abstracts should be submitted for new work, gold standard information, and/or an original idea, concept, an improvement or revision of an old idea/concept.
  11. Non-research symposium presentation may be submitted.
  12. Each abstract should include a section on significance or relevance to the development of transcultural knowledge.
  13. Abstract submission deadline midnight Eastern Daylight Time on May 15, 2022.

Questions can be directed to

Sample Abstract and Evaluation Criteria:

  • To view evaluation criteria CLICK HERE to download
  • Sample Research Abstract using the introduction, methods, results, and discussion IMRAD format  Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion and you must include the significance to transcultural nursing- CLICK HERE