Dorthe Susanne Nielsen, PhD, MHS, RN

Professor in Vulnerability

- Migrant Health Clinic, Odense University Hospital
- Department of Geriatric Medicine, Odense University
- Institute of clinical research, University of Southern Denmark

Phone:  0045-27642890 or 0045-21350494 



Expertise Areas:

Dr. Nielsen’s profile is based on a solid background in clinical nursing, in teaching and in research. In 2014 she became head of a new master program in clinical nursing. Her research focuses on vulnerability and intercultural nursing, and patients’ everyday life with chronic illnesses and diseases. She conduct a Practice lead research approach and take patients narratives, everyday life, communication and culture into account. The research involves qualitative as well as quantitative methods for identifying and developing practice-oriented nursing and treatment for vulnerable patients. The research involves national as well as international collaborators. Dr. Nielsen has been invited to speak at national and international conferences and she is newly appointed as visiting Professor MUHAS, Muhimbili University, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Dr. Nielsen serves as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Transcultural Nursing.

Languages spoken, read/write*:

Read and write English

Read and write Danish

Beginning German

Select Publications:

  1. NIELSEN, D. S., ABDULKADIR, L. S., LYNNERUP, C. & SODEMANN, M. 2019. 'I had to stifle my feelings' - Bilingual health professionals translating for family members in a healthcare setting. A qualitative study. Scand J Caring Sci.
  2. NIELSEN, D. S., ABDULKADIR, L. S., REHLING, C. & SODEMANN, M. 2020a. Interpreters' experiences of participating in an introduction course in the healthcare sector. An ethnographic field observation study. Nursing Open.
  3. NIELSEN, D. S. & DIEPERINK, K. B. 2020. Cultural Perspectives and Nurses Reactions on the Corona Pandemic: A Critical View From Denmark. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 1043659620924118.
  4. NIELSEN, D. S., MINET, L., ZERAIG, L., RASMUSSEN, D. N. & SODEMANN, M. 2018. "Caught in a Generation Gap": A Generation Perspective on Refugees Getting Old in Denmark-A Qualitative Study. J Transcult Nurs, 29, 265-273.
  5. NIELSEN, T. R., WALDEMAR, G. & NIELSEN, D. S. 2020b. Rotational care practices in minority ethnic families managing dementia: A qualitative study. Dementia, 1471301220914751.

Present/Future Directions 

Transcultural nursing is about addressing and combat inequality, discrimination, and stigma in health care. Cultural care and nursing should be provided to all patients no matter age, background or gender. Furthermore, cultural care and nursing need to be performed holistically with compassion and sensitivity, involving the patient’s family and network. Through research, Transcultural Scholars must help to ensure that vulnerable patients' voices and experiences are uncovered and disseminated - and thereby prevent vulnerable patient groups from being excluded.

Updated 01/2021