Norma Graciela Cuellar PhD, RN, FTNSS, FAAN

University of Southern Mississippi

Phone: 205-239-4744

Expertise Areas:

Diversity and Equity, Latino Health Care, Quantitative Research, Graduate Education, Leadership, Publishing

Languages spoken, read/write*:


Select Publications:

Cuellar, N., Aquino, E., Dawson, M., Garcia-Dia, M., Im, E., Jurado, L. Lee, Y., Littlejohn, S., Tom-Orme, L., Toney, D. (2020). Culturally Congruent Health Care of COVID-19 in Minorities in the U.S.: A clinical practice paper from the National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurse Associations. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 31(5), 434-443.

Cheshire, M., Cuellar, N., Figueroa-Delgado, J., & Rojas, P. (2020). A Nursing Workforce Initiative: Increasing the Latino/Hispanic BSN Workforce. Hispanic Health Care International, 18(2), 117-120.

Cuellar, N., Aquino, E., Cruet, S., Grau, G., Martinez, G., Rinaldo, G., Vital, V. (2018). Increasing Awareness of the All of Us Research Program in Latino Communities. Hispanic Health Care International, 16(4), 168-173.

Cuellar, N. & Cheshire, M. (2018). Leadership challenges in building a Hispanic Nursing Workforce. Nurse Leader, 16(1).,

Cuellar, N., Miller, A., Knappen, J., & Visinia, J. (2016). Excellence in Development of Health Care Providers: The Nicaragua Clinical Experience. Hispanic Health Care International, 14(4), 192-197.

Present/Future Directions 

Dr. Cuellar is currently the editor in chief of the Journal of Transcultural Nursing. She is the immediate past- president of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (2018-2020).

She is currently funded with the All of Us Research program with NIH in collaboration with the National Association of Hispanic Nurses to promote awareness of precision medicine in  the Latino community and in health care providers. This is a 10 year longitudinal study.

Dr. Cuellar is the program director for the HRSA BAMA-L grant. In collaboration with the National Association of Hispanic Nurses, 80 Latino nurses with associate degree programs have been admitted to the CCNs RN to BSN program. Not only is this an academic program but a program that focuses on leadership development. Students are expected to develop as future leaders in collaboration with mentorship from NAHN. Fall 2020 will be Year 4 of the program, the last year to admit Latinos to the program.