Jehad Halabi PhD, FTNSS, Professor of Pre-Clinical Affairs

College of Nursing | QU Health P.O.Box 2713 Building of Vice President for Medical and Health Sciences,I03, Office 524, Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974-6003-7616



Expertise Areas:

Research interests focuses on transcultural topics, international health, exchange programs, transcultural collaboration: health and education, cultural assessment and competency. Works with Swedish researchers on drama and innovative pedagogical tools focusing on nursing students’ competency building. Focused on cultural groups from Middle Eastern, Arab/Muslim backgrounds, women’s health, quality of life, and chronic illnesses utilizing research methodology that mainly focuses on quantitative descriptive studies.Inducted as a Transcultural Nursing Scholar in 2014 and the “Research and Scholarship Advisory Council, STTI since 2022. The University of Illinois at Chicago “2019 Outstanding Achievement Alumni Award”, the President’s Award for ExcellenceBest Teacher of the Yearby King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences in Saudi Arabia.Associate Editor of the Journal of Transcultural Nursing, an invited peer reviewer for Nursing Education in Practice and International Journal of Nursing Studies. Invited speaker at national, regional, and international conferences; a member of the International Scientific Committee for the Sigma European Conference; an abstract reviewer for the Annual Conferences of the TNS.External Examiners for BSc, MSc, and BND program at the Academy of Medical Sciences and Technology, Khartoum, Sudan since 2001. Currently, working with colleagues at Qatar University to establish first national College of Nursing

Languages spoken, read/write*:

Arabic and English

Select Publications:

Halabi, J.O., Nilsson, J., & Lepp, M. (2023). The Nurse Professional Competence (NPC) Scale: Self-Reported Professional Competence among Newly Graduated Nursing Students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. DOI: 10.4103/sjhs.sjhs15122

Halabi, J.O., Nilsson, J., & Lepp, M. (2021). Professional competence among registered nurses working in hospitals in Saudi Arabia and their experiences of quality of nursing care and patient safety.

Halabi,J.O., Lepp, M., Nilsson, J. (2021). Assessing self-reported competence among registered nurses working as a culturally diverse work force in public hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Present/Future Directions 

I plan to continue working with colleagues at Qatar University to establish the first nationwide college of nursing, including developing the curriculum plan with complete program specifications for the BSc, the bridging program, and the graduate programs in nursing. Furthermore, to enhance the work with different research groups, including the Swedish colleagues, focusing on cross-cultural studies related to various areas, e.g., competency development. Moreover, plans are on the way for establishing research groups in the current workplace to create a research culture, promote the quality of nursing research in the region, and initiate international exchange programs with other countries. The work with RSAC will continue to achieve the goals and charges set for the council. In addition, to carry out the charges for the new Associate Editor post with the JTN.

Updated 03/2023