President’s Blog: December 2021 Reflections on the Past Year

In 2021, the Transcultural Nursing Society (TCNS) membership, committees, Board of Trustees, Scholars, Executive Director Dr. Beverly Horn and Director of Operations, Lisa A. Dobson continued to work towards achieving the TCNS mission to advance cultural competence for nurses worldwide. Throughout the year we adapted to the changes that the pandemic created for organizations, the Society maintained a sound financial plan; achieved increased organizational outreach; promoted the organization in nursing, healthcare, and academic settings, and partnerships; and increased member benefits. TCNS actively collaborated in partnerships with other leading professional nursing, healthcare, and academic organizations and facilitated dissemination of new transcultural nursing and healthcare research, knowledges, and skills through the Journal of Transcultural Nursing and the annual conference.

A few specific TCNS accomplishments this year were:

  • TCNS included greater than 500 members.
  • TCNS was asked to partner with the American Nurses Association (ANA), American Nurses’ Foundation (ANF), Johnson & Johnson, along with approximately 20 top nursing organizations to address Covid Vaccine Facts for Nurses. As part of this effort, in August, TCNS member and content expert Dr. Valerie Eschiti moderated the Transcultural Nursing Society Town Hall: Respectful Conversations about COVID-19 Vaccination: Nurses Facilitating Informed Decision-Making by Diverse Community Members. This free event was attended by nurses from across the US and many international locations.
  • The 47th Annual TCNS Conference held in October was a great success with some 180 participants. They, along with the Board of Trustees, Executive Director, Director of Operations, and the Conference Planning Committee were excited to attend the mostly in-person conference in Albuquerque, NM. A few presenters who were unable to travel to the US delivered their sessions online during the in-person conference.
  • The United Nations (UN) Committee, led by Beth Lincoln, gathered information necessary for an application for recognition of TCNS as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). The application was approved by the Board and submitted in October to the UN for consideration.
  • Partnerships with academic institutions include Augsburg, Chamberlain, Duquesne, and Madonna Universities.
  • TCNS Course Development Committee continued their work, under the leadership of Dr. Rebecca Lee, Board Treasurer and Chair of the Committee. The Committee presented their initial work for feedback during a presentation at the Annual Conference.
  • TCNS continued it’s work on many projects with the assistance of our membership and experts like the Lippincott Advisor bedside cultural perspective tool, reviewing abstracts for the conference, chapters, regional liaisons, and the Foundation Scholarships and Awards to name a few.
  • The Journal of Transcultural Nursing under the leadership of the Editor, Dr. Norma Cuellar saw an increase in the impact factor as well as submissions. The Journal continues to be a top Journal in nursing

We thank all the many individuals who serve the Transcultural Nursing Society and assist us in working toward our mission, values and goals each year. Members leaving the Board of Trustees at the end of 2021 are: Immediate Past President Dr. Jennie Gunn, 1st Vice President and Conference Planning Chair Dr. Martha Baird, and Secretary Dr. Beth Chiatti. Their service to TCNS is greatly appreciated and we look forward to working together in the future. In January 2022, the newly elected members of the Board of Trustees who will begin their terms are President-elect Ms. Monique Germain, 1st Vice President and Conference Planning Committee Chair, Dr. Karen de la Cruz, and Secretary Dr. Petr Ruda. We welcome them to the Board and look forward to the year ahead!

I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year and look forward to continuing the work of the Transcultural Nursing Society.


Dr. Gayle P. Russell