Happy New Year 2019! Dr. Jennie Gunn

Hello all, welcome to the blog and Happy New Year! This is a special year for members of the Transcultural Nursing Society (TCNS). This year, we celebrate 45 years as a society. Dr. Leininger founded TCNS in 1974.  She was a forward, futuristic thinker. She created a movement unlike any other.  Culture care is the joining of cultural beliefs, practices, and beliefs with the professional care ways taught in school and learned through experience. She recognized the need when caring for children from different cultures.

Do you have specific goals for 2019? I hope you will include cultural growth in your goals. Aim to ask a person a day about their culture.  Examine your beliefs. I too will ask a person a day about their culture when possible. For this new year, I promise to listen to the ideas of others more intensely. Every person has good ideas that are worth exploring and pondering.  I will look for a silver thread in each idea. As president of TCNS, I promise to work with diligence for you and to make any decision based on what is good for the society. You can hold me to this!

Last year, I had the opportunity to travel to five other countries. I want to know what people in each country love about their country.  In Canada, the weather, nature, and friendly people are outstanding. In Italy, it is the food and history. In Switzerland, the mountains and clean air are amazing. In Ireland, the ale and the sheep on green meadows, and in France a lovely language and such architecture and fashion. In the United States, energy and the freedom to dream are important. The world is a mosaic of culture and lands. Through travel, I learned to appreciate each thread or brush stroke.  I offer you a hand to walk with me, to explore other cultures and to appreciate our differences and similarities. Our society is an international society as it promotes cultural competence worldwide. TCNS has scholars who have provided a path for us to understand culture care and to learn about different peoples.

In light of this, as we begin a new year, what futuristic ideas do you have? Have you made big plans for this year or goals you want to achieve or things you want to change about yourself or your thinking?  Considering participating with the Society and sharing your thoughts, ideas and goals!
We would enjoy hearing them!

Best wishes!