44th Annual Conference Announcement!
San Antonio, TX - October 17-20, 2018
Embassy Suites on the Riverwalk!
125 East Houston Street, San Antonio, TX 78205, USA

Concurrent Sessions—Friday, October 19, 2018

Please note that the sessions list the presenters of the content.  A full list of authors appears in the Book of Abstracts available to all conference participants.  Thank you!

 Concurrent Session E  -  10:15 am—11:00 am

  1. Irish Travellers: Exploration of the Social Determinants of Health Related to Cultural Barriers and Health Inequities: Mary Ann Durant, DNP, MSN, RN, M.Ed., Alvernia University;  Vera C. Brancato, Ed.D., MSN, RN, CNE, Alvernia University; Theresa M. Adams, Ph.D, MSN, RN, Alvernia University
  2. Islamic values, Cultural Customs and Influences Upon Delivery of Acute and Critical Care Nursing Services to Patients Admitted to Saudi Arabian Hospitals: Dr. Bandar Gashash
  3. Bringing Transcultural Nursing to BHMC: Dr. Sally D. Francisco, Director of Nursing Brookdale Hospital and Medical Center
  4. Development of Transcultural Nursing Competency Promoting Program for Professional Nurses of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya: Rujita Kheawsornthong;  Ketsara Prugsapramool
  5. Latino Grandparent Opportunity to Impact Child Obesity – The Healthy Us Grandparent Study (HUGS): Theresa J. Garcia, PhD, RN;  Denise De La Rosa, DNP, APRN, FNP-C

Concurrent Session F  -  11:15 am –12:00 pm

  1. Voices of Inclusion: Developing Cultural Competency in Nursing Through a Mosaic of Art and Story: Anne Watson Bongiorno, PhD, APHN, BC, CNE, SUNY, Plattsburgh
  2. Exploring Interventions to Address Diabetes in an Indigenous Community: A Participatory and Culturally Competent Approach: Dr. Joanne Whitty-Rogers
  3. The role of Transcultural Nursing in the future of Socially Assistive Humanoid Robots: Our experiences from the CARESSES* PROJECT: Prof. Irena Papadopoulos PhD, RGN, FHEA, Middlesex University;  Christina Koulouglioti PhD, RN, Middlesex University
  4. Creating Wealth through Health: Fay Mitchell-Brown, PhD, RN, CCRN
  5. Sources of Maternal-Child Health Information and Support for Urban African-American Women: Jessica A. Devido, PhD, CPNP, School of Nursing, Duquesne University

Concurrent Session G  -  2:00 pm—2:45 pm

  1. Are We Measuring Culturally Congruent Care?: Larry Purnell, PhD, RN, FAAN, University of Delaware, Excelsior College, Florida International University.
  2. Working Interprofessionally with Migrant Farm Workers: An Innovation in Clinical Practice and Interprofessional Education: Cyndi Cortes, DrPH, MSN, MRE, CPNP-PC, COI
  3. Cultural Care Values and Practices Related to Health and Wellbeing of the Caribbean Afropanamanians: Lydia Gordon de Isaacs
  4. Building Capacity through Transcultural University Partnerships in Zambia: Lori A. Spies, PhD, RN, NP-C; Shelley F. Conroy, EdD, MS, RN, CNE
  5. Application of Evidence-Based Practice Guiding Focus Group Discussions for Exploring Diabetic Health Issues among Immigrant Latinas in a Rural Community: Sharon K. Titus, PhD, MSN, RN;  Gina Quiles-Pollard, BSN, RN

Concurrent Session H  -  3:00 pm—3:45 pm

  1. Understanding Safe Sex Communication Between Women and their Stable Partners in the Dominican Republic: Heidi Luft, PhD, RN, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee College of Nursing, Milwaukee, WI.
  2. Making the Connection in Community Partnership: Ethnographic Interview: Joanna Maxwell (Basuray), PhD, RN, CTN-B, Professor, Nursing, Towson University,  Towson, MD
  3. Outrage Fatigue: Analysis and Impact on Transcultural Nursing: Margherite Matteis, PhD, RN, Associate Professor, Nursing, Regis College, School of Nursing. Weston, MA
  4. Involvement of Fathers in Childbirth and Their Subsequent Engagement in Maternal and Child Health in Rural Uganda: James Kaggwa, RN, BSN - Pregnancy Uganda
  5. “I felt understood and listened to” – A Clinical Survey in A Hospital based Migrant Health Clinic: Leila Saud Abdulkadir, Migrant Health Clinic, Odense University Hospital;  Dorthe Nielsen, Migrant Health Clinic, Odense University Hospital & Centre for Global Health, Southern University of Denmark & University College Lillebælt.

Breakout Panel Discussions (3) -  Friday, October 19, 2018

(4:00—4:45 pm Discussion 4:45—5:00 pm   Question/Answer)

Panel A—Transcultural Nursing Medical Mission/Travel Abroad

  1. Motivation To Volunteer: Nurse Practitioners on Medical Missions: Kimberlee Miller-Wenning DNP, CNP, ANP, FNP, PMHNP , Assistant Professor Ohio University;  Marjorie Vogt PhD, DNP, FNP, PNP, FAANP, Associate Director, DNP Program, Ohio University
  2. Resolving the Barriers Inhibiting Graduate Nursing Students’ Global Transcultural Opportunities: Beverly Byers EdD, RN, LMT, MTI, Lubbock Christian University, Nursing Department Professor;  Paula Gannaway, MLS, Med, Lubbock Christian University, Nursing Department Research Librarian
  3. Analysis of the Development of Cultural Competency in a Nursing Study Abroad Program: Carol Holtz, PhD, RN;  Richard Sowell, PhD, RN, FAAN

Panel B—Transcultural Nursing LGBTQ

  1. Improving culturally competent care: Strategies for addressing LGBT healthcare needs across nursing curricula: Diane Young, MSN, RN
  2. Culturally Competent Care of the Transgender Patient: An Educational Program for Nurse Practitioners: Sharon Yardley, DNP, APRN-BC, FNP
  3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Bridging the Gap of Transgender Nursing Care: Kristen Patterson PhD (c), RN, CSN;  Stephanie M. Chung PhD, RN

 Panel C  - Transcultural Nursing and Simulation

  1. The Influence of a Cultural Simulation on Perceptions and Intent to Act: Sharon See MSN, RNC-OB,                        Ashland University;  Patricia Clayburn, MS, RN, Ashland University;  Jacqueline K. Owens, PhD, RN, CNE,        Ashland University
  2. Association Between Nursing Curriculum Diversity-Related Simulations and Developing Nursing Students’ Confidence for Providing Culturally Competent Care: Linda L. Sobel, PhD, RN, James Madison University;  Joy G. Harnage, DNP, RN, BC,  James Madison University; Erika Metzler Sawin, PhD, RN, James Madison University.
  3. Effect of the Diverse Standardized Patient Simulation (DSPS) Cultural Competence Education Strategy on Nursing Students’ Transcultural Self-Efficacy Perceptions: Eda Ozkara San, PhD, MBA, RN