Opening Keynote Speaker - Thursday, October 17th

Dr. Lauren Powell currently serves as the director of the Office of Health Equity at the Virginia Department of Health.  Dr. Powell highly values mentorship and community engagement. She actively seeks opportunities to help mold and encourage the next generation of leaders in health equity. She is a recent graduate of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard with a master’s in public administration and doctor of philosophy in clinical and population health research at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She received her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Xavier University of Louisiana.

Transcultural Nursing Scholars PresentationFriday, October 18th

Reflections on 25 years of Transcultural Self-Efficacy Research and Cultural Competence Education: TIMES to Contemplate, Celebrate, Collaborate, and Continue

Marianne R. Jeffreys, EdD, RN, Transcultural Nursing Scholar

Through reflective story-telling and an interactive time-sequenced map, Dr. Jeffreys reflects on 25 years of transcultural self-efficacy research and cultural competence education. Gleaned from over 70 worldwide studies incorporating Jeffreys’ psychometrically validated Transcultural Self-Efficacy Tool (TSET), Cultural Competence Clinical Evaluation Tool (CCCET), and Cultural Competence and Confidence (CCC) model, she shares poignant highlights. Emphasis is on lessons learned throughout the research process, practical solutions, and important take-aways relevant to participants interested in beginning or continuing their program of transcultural research and other forms of scholarship. Whether interested in furthering one’s general repertoire of knowledge about transcultural nursing, research, educational innovation, creative scholarship activities, measurement, evaluation, or about the TSET, CCCET, and CCC model specifically, this presentation provides participants with much to contemplate, celebrate, collaborate, and continue.

Dr. Marianne R. Jeffreys’ grant-funded research, consultations, publications, and presentations encompass cultural competence, self-efficacy, teaching, curriculum, psychometrics, and nontraditional students. Her book, Teaching Cultural Competence in Nursing and Health Care: Inquiry, Action, and Innovation (1st edition) received the AJN Book of the Year Award. She is author of Cultural Competence Education Resource Toolkit, Nursing Student Retention: Understanding the Process and Making a Difference, Nursing Student Retention Toolkit, articles, and book chapters.  She is a professor at the City University of New York (CUNY) College of Staten Island and CUNY Graduate College in Manhattan. Dr. Jeffreys earned a B.S. in nursing from the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh and a M.A., M.Ed., and Ed.D. in nursing education from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Transcultural Nursing Closing Presentation - Saturday – October 19, 2019
Rachel E. Spector, RN, PhD, CTN-A, FAAN
Beyond the Horizon

My 80th year has begun!! It is a luxurious time to look back on the richness of my years of membership, nearly all 45, in the Transcultural Nursing Society and to envision what we, Transcultural Nurses MUST do in the future. Let’s go on a journey – a brief look back, a chilling overview of the present social conflicts and their impact on the communities, fami-lies, and people we care for and work with, and the substantial socio-political challenges beyond the horizon. YES – as WE NOW translate transcultural nursing theory, research, and education into practice, we can picture our professional – personal and collective – responsibilities and roles in intervening in the provocative situations we are confronting