June E. Miller, PhD, RN, COL, ANC, USAR, RET


Email:  Junemiller62@gmail.com

Expertise Areas:

Research areas include qualitative research specifically enthnonursing with Leiningers Theory. Studies were conducted in the Czech Republic with a focus on politics and care; Women's culture care in Amman, Jordan; Domestic Violence study with the Arab American population in Detroit; and a collaborative study creating a tool for measurement of cultural competence. Dr. Miller was a colleague and student of Dr. Leininger from 1982-1997 as she taught at Wayne State and was mentored by Leininger for her Transcultural Nursing dissertation study. In 2000, Dr Miller was a Fulbright Scholar in Amman, Jordan where she taught and conducted research. Dr. Miller conducted presentations in Spain, England, Tanzania, Finland and Jordan. She held teaching positions at Yale University, Wayne State University, Oakland University, and Johns Hopkins University. She was President of the Transcultural Nursing Society from 2004-2006, and Director of the TCNS Scholars group from 2008-10. Her two daughters currently work internationally in social impact investment and global development. Dr. Miller is retired and resides in Annapolis, MD and Naples, Florida.

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Select Publications:

Outwater, A. et al (2012). Meanings of care by bereaved relatives of homicide victims in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.  Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 23(4), 397-4005

Andrews, M. et al. (2011) Developing a culturally competent workforce through collaborative partnerships.  Journal of Transcultural Nursing. 22 (3), 300-306.

Miller, J. (2008). Transcultural Nursing Society Position Statement on Human Rights  Journal of Transcultural Nursing 22(3), 300-306.

Miller, J., Petro-Nustas, W. (2002) Context of care for Jordanian women.  Journal of Transcultural Nursing. 13(3)228-236

Miller, J. (1997). Politics and care: A study of Czech Americans within Leiningers Theory.  Journal of Transcultural Nursing 9(1), 3-13.

Present/Future Directions

Dr. Miller supports the continued and relevant growth of Transcultural Nursing as we see global participation and recognition for our work expanding in nursing and health care.

Updated 02/2023