Dr. Carol Holtz, PhD, RN

Professor Emeritus of Nursing

Kennesaw State University (Retired)

Contact Information:

Phone: cell: 770-422-8445

E-mail: choltz@kennesaw.edu

Expertise Areas:

OB, Pediatrics, Global healthcare; Oaxaca, Mexican women with HIV; African-American women with no prenatal care; public healthcare in Cobb County, Georgia

Languages spoken, read/write*:

English, Spanish, Hebrew

Select Publications:

Holtz, C. (2022). (Ed.). (4thedition). Global Health Care. Issues and Policies. Jones and Bartlett Learning. Burlington, MA.

Present/Future Directions 

Currently I am Chair of the Cobb County, Georgia Board of Health, which has 80,000 residents. I am also Vice-Chair of the North Georgia Community Services Board (CSB), which consists of 14 counties in North Georgia, serving mental health, developmental disabilities, and drug addiction.

Updated 02/2023