Covid-19 is now known to all of us. Beginning as the Wuhan virus, then coronavirus, and now Covid-19, it is no longer something that may come but something that did come.  Information about the virus is almost nonstop in the media. Our way of life has radically changed, and activities that we have come to expect are now often impossible. This change may endure for years to come as we adjust to a new way of life.

The members of the Transcultural Nursing Society (TCNS) are healthcare professionals.  The TCNS has a global membership who are all sharing in this pandemic. As a whole group, we are profoundly affected by this tragic virus. It is comforting to know that even storm clouds have a beginning and an end as they move over the land.

Today, the concern for each other is heightened; governments are active as they work to address the multiple issues of this outbreak, and nations are sharing information to help one another. We are working to protect our citizens with health challenges, our elders, cherished family members, and friends.  Our thoughts are with those who are suffering, all the caregivers, and providers who take care of the people. The Transcultural Nursing Society urges you to stay safe during this time. We thank you for your courage as you care for others. The nurse has never been more valued than today.

Our annual TCNS conference to be held in Louisville, Kentucky, in October 2020, should take place as scheduled. The Board of Trustees, Dr. Beverly Horn, Executive Director, and Lisa Dobson, Director of Operations in the TCNS Central Office, continue to work on the Society’s behalf.  We continue to monitor the virus and will keep abreast of changes as they occur. Please, visit our website at for the latest information.

I hope that you, as a TCNS member, your family, and friends, remain healthy during this pandemic. For those caring for patients or doing working in the community to provide comfort and needs, thank you. Best wishes to you for protection from harm as this cloud passes over us.

Dr. Jennie Gunn, President, Transcultural Nursing Society, Board of Trustees