The individuals below furthered the field of transcultural nursing and culture care through theory, research,
administration and practice during their lifetimes.  Please keep them in your hearts, minds and prayers.  
Their date of death is listed with their names.


Please send information regarding any memorials you wish to have posted to: staff@tcns.or
That the culture care needs of people in the
world will be met by nurses prepared in
Transcultural Nursing.

Dr. Madeleine M. Leininger
Transcultural Nursing Society
July 13, 1925-August 10, 2012
                                                    Transcultural Nursing  Members - Obituary

Kathleen McCullough-Zander

Sr./Dr. Sharon McGuire
TCNS Member Name
Date of Death
David Stasiak
April 17, 1992
Barbara Higgins
June 27, 1997
Dr. Alice Welch
June 9, 2002
Dr. Claire Gulino   
October 26, 2006
Dr. Ruth Davidhizar
September 11, 2008
Dr. Grayce Rosseler
February 2, 2010
Dr. Glyadys Mabunda
May 29, 2010
Dr. Deborah Wilson
August 2010
Evalyn Long
August 2012
Dr. Madeleine Leininger
August 10, 2012
Dr. Marjorie Morgan
March 27, 2012
Dr. Anna Francis (Fran) Wenger
February 2, 2013
Dr. Joan Uhl Pierce
October 14, 2013
Kathleen McCullough-Zander
October 2, 2014
Dr. Stephanie Myers Schim
February 19, 2016
Sr./Dr. Sharon McGuire
May 17, 2016