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Transcultural Nursing Society Member Instructions JTCN Online Access

Sage Publishing Sign-In Instructions

The electronic version of The Journal of Transcultural Nursing (TCN) is now available
online, exclusively to members of the Transcultural Nursing Society (TCNS) through
SAGE Journals Online (SJO).  You will be able to view and search issues back to 1989.  

Your member ID# and the email address you provided with your membership will be

If you
have not previously activated your account, please follow the steps below:

    1.   Go to the SAGE Journals Online site:
    2.   Click on “Societies” listed under Resources
    3.   Click on “Activate your member subscription (one time only).
    4.   Click on “Register”.  Enter your email address and password, then click the red  
    Submit button at the bottom.
    5.   Activate your Society Membership – Society Member Access.  Select
    Transcultural Nursing Society and enter your member ID#.

If your
account is already active, log in at and follow these
instructions to access the electronic version of the journal:

    1.  Go to the SAGE Journals Online site:
    2.  Click on My Account (top right corner). You will get a pop up screen.
    3.  Click where it says:  On your first visit to Sage Journals, please set a new
    password at the top of the pop up screen.
    4.  Enter your email address as listed on your exiting account, press Submit. An
    email will be sent to your email with a link to set your new password.  

If you forget your username or password, follow the link above, go to “My Account” and
click on the “Forgotten your password?” link; follow instructions given.  You will be
asked to provide some information about yourself.  Upon confirmation of the
information, the username and/or password will be emailed to you.  If you require
further assistance you can contact SAGE directly at

If you require assistance with your TCNS member ID number and/or membership, please
call (888) 432-5470.  Please note that your online JTCN access will expire when your
TCNS membership expires.  To renew your membership, please go to