Concurrent Session Presentations
(Presentation:  8:30—9:30 am  -  Response & Discussion:  9:30—10:00 am)
    Rising to the Challenges of Displacement and Health Needs of
    Vulnerable Populations Globally: A TCN Imperative  

Concurrent Sessions—Friday, October 20, 2017

Concurrent Session E  -  10:15 am—11:00 am

Concurrent Session F  -  11:15 am –12:00 pm

Concurrent Session G  -  2:00 pm—2:45 pm

Concurrent Session H  -  3:00 pm—3:45 pm

Breakout Panel Discussions (4) -  Friday, October 20, 2017
(4:00—4:45 pm Discussion - 4:45—5:00 pm   Question/Answer)

Panel A - Undergraduate Transcultural Nursing Education

Panel B – Transcultural Nursing in Panama

Panel C -  Transcultural Service Learning

Panel D -  Travel Abroad/Study Abroad from the Transcultural Perspective

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