New Orleans, LA
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Welcome to New Orleans!

We are so excited to welcome you. Whether this is your first or one hundredth time to visit, New Orleans is an
amazing place! The Conference location is the Hotel Monteleone situated in the French Quarter. This is an historic
area filled with great restaurants, beautiful attractions, and plenty of entertainment. Trolley cars, the Mississippi
River, steamboats, and delectable treats await you. Relax, soak up the atmosphere, and enjoy.
In addition to our wonderful speakers we have also provided opportunities for you to experience the rich culture
with New Orleans. Hotel Monteleone is located in the French Quarter and we have designated individuals who will
walk with you to lunch at some of New Orleans’ finest restaurants.
During your stay at the Hotel Monteleone, visit the famous Carousel Bar and Lounge in the hotel lobby and enjoy
the slow turn of the bar as it revolves around. Look outside and peer into the heart of the French Quarter. Royal
Street is an antique shoppers dream. The Carousel Bar is open every day from 11 am until you are ready for sleep!
Light food is served at the bar.
Walk on down to Café Du Monde-the original French Market Coffee Café that was opened in 1862. Don’t worry, it
only closes on Christmas Day, so enjoy the café day and night. Order your coffee black or Au Lait-this is half coffee
and half hot milk. Beignets are amazing square donuts covered in powdered sugar. You will be disappointed with
yourself if you don’t make this important cultural stop!
For your pleasure, we have assembled a committee of helpers to answer your questions about the city and to
provide tours. Feel free to ask anyone on the planning committee questions. The special tour committee consists
of Warren Hebert, Alice Younce, Bridget Moore, Kathy Bydalek, Misty Guy, and Jennie Gunn. Look for any of us at
the conference for assistance with planning.
Upon arrival to the hotel, Warren Herbert and a few others will located around the registration tables at the hotel
to assist you upon your arrival with tour ideas. Here is the schedule of events:

Wednesday October 18, 2017 Welcome!

2 pm – 3 pm: Warren Hebert and a few other committee members will be at conference registration table to offer tour information and
New Orleans information

3:00 – 4:30 pm: Warren Hebert will be leading a walking tour and a coffee break at the famous Café Du Monde. You may see many
famous places including the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, Jackson Square, and the Mississippi River as you stroll along the Riverwalk
on the levee.

3:00 – 4:30 pm: Information will be available for a self-directed antique shopping experience in the quarter.

5:30 pm Reception at Hotel. Light food and drinks provided.

Thursday October 18, 2017

Enjoy a historic and amazing lunch with any of the following groups:
12 noon – 2 pm Lunch with Kathy Bydalek at K Paul’s
12 noon – 2 pm Lunch with Alice Younce and Bridget Moore at Brennan’s
12 noon – 2 pm Lunch with Warren Hebert at Café Mesparo (less expensive)
12 noon – 2 pm Lunch with Misty Guy at Johnny’s Po-Boys

Friday October 19, 2017

More opportunities for an amazing lunch and conversation in historic New Orleans:
12 noon – 2 pm Lunch with Kathy Bydalek at K Paul’s
12 noon – 2 pm Lunch with Misty Guy at Brennan’s
12 noon – 2 pm Lunch with Warren Hebert at Café Mesparo
12 noon – 2 pm Lunch with Jennie Gunn at Mr. B’s

:30 pm – Meet in the carousel bar off the lobby of the hotel to join us for a walk around New Orleans. Visit
Bourbon Street and a few famous places. Dinner on your own.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Afternoon is open after 1pm.   Tour information is available!

Additional Events to Consider:

There are so many to consider, these are just a few!! Check out New Orleans Tourism

Street Cars (Trolleys…) Exploring New Orleans means riding a Street Car! Riding down St. Charles really gives you a real taste of
New Orleans!   Remember, take the exact change. Check out this great website for
information about fares and other things.                                          
This is a big city, so remember to stay in well populated areas and with other people. Avoid going off alone at night, and stay in well
lighted areas. Have fun, but be safe.

Steamboat Cruises
Steamboat Natchez Cruises: If you are interested in a cruising on a steamboat, three tours (two day and one dinner cruise) depart each
day from the French Quarter Dock. Enjoy a dinner cruise with the Jazz. Departure is from JAX Brewery (504-569-1401 or 800-233-
2628). Visit
Prices are subject to change but average 44 dollars for lunch and cruise and 32 dollars for cruise. Dinner is approximately 81 dollars.
These are only listed prices from their brochure. Prices not guaranteed! Visit the website for more information.

New Orleans River Cruises are also available. The Creole Queen paddle wheeler. Call 504-529-4567 or 800-445-4109 for
information. This tour departs from the Riverwalk Canal Street Dock. There are two cruises: 10am and 2pm.  A dinner cruise leaves at
7pm. Enjoy the Creole Buffett and the Jazz of New Orleans.  Brochure prices range from 34 dollars to 79 dollars. These are estimates
only. Check out the website for specific information: or

Open-Air French Market
Fun! This is a farmer’s market and a flea market located in the quarter. You will find wine, cheese, produce, café’s, and over 200 vendors
selling items. The market is located along the river edge. Amazing!

Voodoo Cemetery Tours
New Orleans Ghost Adventures Tours. Scary! Take me with you! New Orleans is known as a haunted city. There is a Ghost tour, Voodoo
and Cemetery Tour, a French Quarter History and Architecture Tour, and a Garden District and Lafayette Cemetery Tour. For
information, visit or call 504-475-5214. We hope you return to the meeting sooner or
later .

Cemetery-Voodoo-Jazz-Cocktail Tours and the French Quarter and Garden District tours. Call 504-947-
2120 or visit for information.

Pat O’Brien’s
It’s not a real hurricane, but close! Known for their famous history and drink (the Hurricane), Pat O’Brien’s is a lively place to visit. The
Piano Bar or the Flaming Fountain are frequent tourist sites. Food is served during lunch and dinner. The original Pat Obrien’s opened in
1833.  So, before you come, get ready for your taste buds to explode and your head to reel! It’s a great city.

Merci beaucoup!