Ellis Island Meet Up

Board members and members of the Northeast Chapter of the Transcultural
Nursing Society and their guests enjoyed beautiful sunshine, excellent views
of Liberty Island and Ellis Island, as well as panoramic views of New York City
during their Ellis Island Meet Up on July 11, 2016. After everyone took the
State Cruises, LLC ferries from either Battery Park in Manhattan or Liberty
State Park in New Jersey, they met briefly with Dr. Marianne Jeffreys who
helped coordinate the day’s activities. Then, participants enjoyed a Park
Ranger tour of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, which included very
interesting information such as the largest number of immigrants processed
in one day (over 11,000), the language difficulties that immigrants
encountered, the types of questions they had to answer, the various tests
and medical inspections that were administered to determine their entry into
the United States, as well as explanations of the various rooms and displays
within the museum.  During the tour, one member was asked to participate
in a Q & A session with the ranger. The questions that he asked were similar
to what immigrants would have been asked to enter the United States. After
that interaction, the member earned a Junior Ranger Badge. Following the
museum tour, members and their guests enjoyed a lunch in the picnic area
during which a short discussion about future chapter events occurred.
Several participants also toured the museum, exploring exhibits in more
depth, watching movies, and/or listening to stories of immigrants’ journeys.
Then, they took part in a Hard Hat Tour of the Ferry Building, hospital, morgue,
contagious disease wards, offices, housing, and maintenance facilities.
Following the Hard Hat Tour, participants had a short photo session that was
followed by a debriefing meeting. After an excellent day of networking and
learning a great deal about what took place on these historic grounds, which
are now part of the National Park Service, participants again boarded the
ferries to begin their journeys home with great enthusiasm about attending
future Meet Ups.

Theresa M. Adams, Ph.D., RN, Professor Emerita, Alvernia University and
Recording Secretary, TCNS, NE Chapter
First row, left to right: Dula Pacquiao, Priscilla Sagar Second
row: Patricia Burke, Marianne Jeffreys, Barbara Cohen,
Theresa Adams Third row: Maggie Conrad, Karen Thacker,
Vera Brancato, Mary Ann Durant
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Keynote Presentation: Transcultural Nursing:  Leading Change,
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July 25, 2016

Dr. Stephen R. Marrone, EdD, RN-BC, NEA-BC, CTN-A
Associate Professor of Nursing, Long Island University School of Nursing, Brooklyn, New
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Nursing Education, Teachers College Columbia
University, New York, New York
President, Transcultural Nursing Society
Transcultural Nursing Scholar, Transcultural Nursing Society
Fellow, New York Academy of Medicine